Healing your body on all levels is a process, a journey, where we peel layers one by one over time. We can achieve a lot in one session but experience has shown me that the results you get from a few sessions over time are exponentially bigger. As I enjoy working with clients who have a desire for commitment, I recommend a minimum of 3 sessions over 3 months. This will start a process of finding imbalances, assessing what the body/mind need and finding what correction(s) work(s) over time and/or going deeper into the body’s layers.

Free taster session 30 mns

60 minute treatment: £ 50 (includes vibrational remedies)

30 minute treatment  food intolerance testing: £ 30 (includes vibrational remedies)

Energetic house cleansing (distant)  £ 80 (includes vibrational remedies)

Emotional Healing 60 minutes: £ 50 (includes vibrational remedies)

Vibrational Reiki/Healing 60 minutes: £50 (includes vibrational remedies)

Life Coaching sessions  from £ 50 (includes vibrational remedies if needed)

Laughter Therapy 60 minutes: £50 (includes vibrational remedies)

Skype sessions possible, please get in touch with Nadege to arrange them.

A cancellation fee will be charged for all missed appointments and for cancellations made within 24 hours of appointment time.

Children under the age of 12 are treated at a reduced rate, please ask for details.


Nadege B-Lovett

MA, Dip ASK, BTEC (3), M.S.E.C. C.T.F

01483 827464/07816464635




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