About me


Who am I?

    I am passionate about people, the psychology of people and what makes us tick. I’ve always had the inner knowing that we are much more than what we think we are. That, if we could see ourselves without our filters, our self imposed boundaries, traumas, fears…we could manifest our potential and shine.

   Therefore this has paved the way to my own process of peeling away the layers, my own journey of a thousand steps which starts afresh everyday. 

   Part of my own fulfilment has been to share this process with my clients, friends and family. I always feel very inspired and privileged to be able to accompany somebody along his/her inner journey and to be able to witness that person put down some barriers, discover milestones, take either a leap of faith or a small or giant step.

   And along the way, I’ve always rejoiced in having fun. Hence the quest for laughter. The essence of its principles allows us to detach from the reality of who we are, to cultivate disassociation and laughter. And ultimately to understand that nothing has meaning but the meaning we give it.
   After working for 14 years as a teacher/trainer with adults,  I came to a crossroad in my life and changed career. I am, now, a fully qualified kinesiologist in systematic kinesiology, life coach, laughter yoga leader and healer, mother, people person and a lover of life!!!

  In my sessions, I integrate the different tools of kinesiology, life coaching, healing and laughter therapy  to balance the Body, Heart and Mind on all levels and peel away the layers. The only question then is : how ready are you to 
heal yourself and  manifest your potential ?To be even more precise I would dare to say, how ready are you to see your own state of perfection and allow  yourself to manifest your potential?

  Kinesiology is like yoga. It branches out into various styles which can be quite different. Systematic Kinesiology is based on Applied Kinesiology, quite body based.

   I am a professional member of the Association of Systematic Kinesiology, ASK and as required by it, I pursue my professional development with regular further trainings. 

‘Be the light you want to see in the world’ Buddha
‘See the light you want to be in the world’ Me!!! (not that I would dare compare myself with The master!!!)

Nadege B-Lovett, 
MA, Dip ASK, BTEC  (3), M.S.E.C. C.T.F.
01483 827464

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