Kinesiology and/or Vibrational Healing

I suffered from stress after the break up of my marriage, so much so that I was in physical pain. After numerous trips to my doctor and the hospital, I had almost given up hope. Then I decided to try something different and booked a session with Nadege.
I quite literally hobbled in, in pain and after an hour and a half, I walked as if on air. The pain had virtually disappeared and this after one session! Nadege is kind, understanding, and really knows her stuff. A true professional. I cannot recommend her highly enough- a true life saver for me!
I still visit her practice occasionally. Nadege has empowered me and I am now able to control the stress in my life for myself. I am no longer the victim of circumstances but in control of my life and my future. I’ve really felt a deep connection with her. Thank you.
LS, Surrey

I have found  the sessions with Nadege awe inspiring, thorough, fun loving and healing. A warm hug of positive energy greets you. Nadege offers a rare package of health and healing, fun and laughter and sheer love and exuberance for life. A great role model, she has vastly improved the life of myself and my children using kinesiology/healing. Whilst I regularly attended her laughter yoga sessions, I found them very therapeutic, not too mention lots of fun.
I would highly recommend Nadege for all manner of health and life issues and  know that her vibrant persona will extend a warm welcome  to you.
MW, Surrey

I have had a number of sessions with Nadege after being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, also known as M.E. Doctors still don’t really know what causes it, and the official treatment is “rest”. I knew that my body needed some extra help, and that I needed to look to a more holistic approach.Within minutes of my first session Nadege had identified where my body needed more support. She also pointed out some things in my daily life that were aggravating my symptoms, and suggested simple changes and additions I could make. She has advised me continually on dietary supplements or changes that have made a difference to my well being, and I was surprised to see that some of the changes were in fact things I had been naturally veering towards anyway. To have your gut feelings validated is a really great feeling. Nadege provided me with a range of simple remedies that I have been using with great success. She also identified emotional blockages linked with past injuries and incidences with astounding accuracy, which has really opened my eyes to the impact of our subconscious and our emotional bodies on our health. Most importantly, she helped me to realise that my illness is not my fault- there are so many other factors involved that I am now aware of, and being proactive about these things and having the support of someone who has the knowledge and expertise to guide me back to health has been a wonderful experience. Nadege is such a friendly, trustworthy person who is really invested in helping her clients achieve a better state of health. I would recommend her to anyone. We all need support and Nadege is guaranteed to make you feel happier and healthier.

TS, Surrey

Life coaching over the phone:

I thoroughly enjoyed exploring what I really wanted out of life with Nadege. Her empathetic listening made me feel safe which enabled me to explore whatever might have distracted me from my goals. Her humour and generosity made me feel comfortable enough to be fully honest with myself and with her. Finally, her trust in life and in human potential gave me the push I needed to be able to trust that I could achieve what I wanted…. Therefore I did achieve my goals! I loved every minute of our sessions and hugely benefited from them.
Many thanks Nadege,
Looking forward to our next sequence of sessions!
SB, Montpellier, France.

It is very humbling to receive so much gratitude but let’s not forget that the practitioner is just a guide and all the people above, as well as all other success stories, involved their total commitment. So my gratitude goes to them too for playing the biggest part in their own process.

With love,


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