Body and Mind Cleanse programme

So what’s the common denominator for anybody with a condition or imbalance, whether it’s acute or chronic, physical or emotional?…. Everybody will most probably have some degree of what we call toxicity. It might manifest as a sluggish digestive system, a clogged up liver and kidneys, food sensitivities,  skin disorders, weight gain or loss, brain fog or loss of memory, very low vitality and feeling sleepy after a meal and either mood swings or bouts of feeling low for no obvious reasons….

Well, the bad news is that we literally swim in a toxic pool. Through our environment we’re exposed to over 100 000 toxins, radiations, electromagnetic frequencies… Our food is overloaded with chemicals, food additives, preservatives, E-numbers and some pernicious substances which do not even have to be listed on the labels and now work on the cells to alter the receptor sites. (Get in touch with me i’ll send you the link). Our body produces toxins as well as a normal process. And last but surely not least, our life style triggers in us a cascade of chemical reactions which translates our stress, wrong diet, lack of sleep, inner turmoil and toxic thoughts, toxic relationships,  toxic circumstances…. I would not like to induce even more of that stress in your body so let me tell you right now that the good news is that if you cannot change your environment then you can commit to changing yourself.

Kinesiology will easily show you, with muscle testing, how a clean or cleaner body and mind can eliminate toxins more efficiently. After all, conventional medicine agrees to say that all of us eliminate cancerous cells, bacteria, viruses, toxins… on a daily basis because that’s what our body has been designed to do. So why does it become inefficient at doing so?

The reason is an overwhelming level of toxicity from the environment, from what we eat, drink, breathe or put on our skin and from what we think or feel, to a point where the body is in overload.

What would you do if you had to clean a house overloaded with rubbish, dirt and clutter? You would come up with a system which would put into place strategies to deal with either one room at a time or one type of clutter at a time. It’s the same approach that I am offering you with your body and mind.

In my cleanse your body and mind program, we will check and balance the major systems of your body starting  with the digestive and elimination system. Looking at, among other things:

  • Parasites, fungus, Helicobacter Pylori,
  • Deficiencies in digestive enzymes and digestive juices, gut flora and good bacteria,
  • Heavy metal toxicity,
  • Food sensitivities,
  • Acid/alkaline balance,
  • Deficiencies in vitamins and/or minerals,
  • Liver detoxification pathways,
  • Kidneys elimination pathways,
  • Hormone balance,
  • Meridian balance,
  • General structural balance,
  • Emotional balance
  • And whatever comes up as relevant as a specific and individual need.

You will be taking natural and vibrational remedies to gently heal your body.

When you cleanse your body and mind, it triggers a healing process in your body where  your body heals itself back to health. This is a natural way of healing whatever condition you might have.

Of course the results are in direct proportion with your commitment. This is a fact of life!!!!

But I can assure you that if you are committed

  1. To desire to change,
  2. To be consistent on a daily basis and
  3. To enjoy the process, then

You will have a higher level of vitality, health and joy for life!!!



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