Health Coaching Programme

What is it?

It’s a plan totally personalised to your body’s needs to optimise and balance the various systems of your body.

What will it do?

It will heal your body by helping it release toxins, parasites, viruses, heavy metals, drug residue or any other unwanted substances in your body.

It will, at the same time, restore, re-inoculate, rejuvenate, heal, balance support your GUTs, elimination system, your hormones, your brain… your whole body system.

It will allow you to deal with stress, trauma and repressed emotions and beliefs.

It’s tailor-made to you so it will address your personal issues whatever your age, condition…

What will you have to do?

Among the following points you will choose what is realistic and achievable for you at this moment in your life to design your own plan to a new you.

  • Breathe consciously,
  • Hydrate your body well,
  • Reduce or eliminate foods you are sensitive to,
  • Add the beneficial foods that your body thrives on,
  • Alkalise and cleanse your body,
  • Take supplements and vibrational remedies or whatever is relevant to your condition,
  • Decide to introduce and explore new foods like sprouts, green smoothies…
  • Commit to the plan which we designed together especially for you.
  • Move your body in whatever way is fun for you,
  • Let go of stress and let in peace and joy…,
  • Practice daily mindfulness, meditation, EFT or whatever technique works for you (even if only 5 mns)
  • Make a list of pleasurable activities and do at least 2 or more a week,
  • Accept to change your lifestyle to optimise your goals,
  • Be open and patient with the new you,
  • Learn to love yourself and others unconditionally,
  • Learn to choose new thoughts, new beliefs and create a better you.
  • See this whole process as a journey where you choose to discover new exciting ways.
  • and more…

What will you gain from it?

  • Heal gently but surely symptoms you might have suffered from,
  • More vitality, energy,
  • More efficient brain functions,
  • Better digestion and elimination,
  • Better skin, nails and hair,
  • Healthier weight,
  • Balanced hormones,
  • Balanced energetic pathways,
  • Higher sense of purpose and inner fulfilment,
  • Optimised levels of physical and mental health.

This plan is totally suited to your needs, your level of health* , your goals and your availability.

* I believe a full on detox is not advisable for the majority of people especially persons with serious conditions. A gentle  approach  which supports the body is recommended as a process which is then adjusted to the person’s level of health. I do though encourage my clients to gradually add all the good habits with food, exercise and mindfulness.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. (Contact page)




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